Origin Story

1993 ~ Just when you thought science fiction conventions were extinct in San Diego, one appears out of nowhere. Sci-fi conventions in Southern California were once like the California Condor – an endangered species. However, just like the bird, they’re making a come-back! ConDor became San Diego’s newest science-fiction media and literature convention, put together by the California Association for the Advancement of Speculative Media (C.A.A.S.M.), this non-profit organization.

Thus was the beginning of ConDor in 1993. And what a start this fledgling convention had with Octavia Butler as the Literary GOH and J. Michael Staczynski as the Media GOH, good timing as Babylon 5 debuted just 2 weeks earlier. The Town and Country Hotel was the venue and remained so for years to come. Dianna Hildreth did a superb job as chairperson, bringing with her an experienced committee. Con-Dor was so much fun, the crazed committee decided to do it again.